Artwork by Olivier Frot

Artist Olivier Frot contributed this image inspired by The Night Boat. This image was used for the cover of Le sous-marin des ténèbres, a French translation published by C. Lefrancq in 1999.

More of Olivier's art can be seen on deviantART and on his official site.

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Olivier comments:

I love McCammon too. Very good novelist.

So, being comissioned for that cover was a very good surprise. But it was a little bit frustrating : because of a mad dead line it was impossible to read the novel before to make the picture... The editor told me the story on the phone.

Very strange situation because it was the first time I make a cover for one of my favorite writers, and it was the first time I didn't read the book before to make a cover...:frustrated:

But it's one of my favorite moment in that job !

This image is Copyright © 1999 Olivier Frot. It is published here with permission of Olivier Frot. All rights reserved.

"Drowned Skull"
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