Unworthy Invasion: A reader’s poem for Robert McCammon

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Jan 012022

Betsy Blondin

Reader Betsy Blondin posted a poem she wrote to the Robert McCammon Group on Facebook. Mr. McCammon enjoyed it and asked that I post it here, too.

Poem for RM – Unworthy Invasion

If I could shrink to the miniscule, invisible,
and sneak up a ladder
to your brain

I would crawl in and through,
dodging thought storms
and idea explosions

I would sniff for the lairs
of demons and monsters
ready to pounce into words

I would seek the path to the Imagi Nation
where creatures and characters lurk
waiting to frighten or fascinate me

I would sneak in to ringside
to watch in horror
the war of good v evil

I would stalk the gruesome and macabre
but also the human insights, love, joy and compassion
that breathe in your stories

I would explore every crevice
for the creative sparks
that ignite your magic

Then, exhausted, I would realize
that to discover these secrets

I must climb back down the ladder

and find your soul


–Betsy Blondin, December 2021


More fan artwork from Александр Павлов

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Apr 052021

Artist Александр Павлов (Alexander) from Russia sent in new illustrations he did based on The Night Boat and They Thirst. You can find larger versions, as well as more of his art, on Alexander’s page in the Fan Art Gallery. The art for The Night Boat is at the top of the page; the art for They Thirst is at the bottom.

The Night Boat

They Thirst

New fan artwork from Craig Purdon and Alexander

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Nov 302020

Artists Craig Purdon and Alexander have sent in new artwork. Craig sent in two sketches of Usher’s Lodge from Usher’s Passing, while Alexander submitted an illustration of Lord Cornbury from The Providence Rider. You can see these and much more artwork in the Fan Artwork gallery.

Craig Purdon

Usher’s Lodge by Craig Purdon (1 of 2)


Lord Cornbury by Alexander