Pete Mesling: “Remembering Fount Royal”

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Jun 162022

Robert McCammon asked me to post this video of author Pete Mesling performing his original composition “Remembering Fount Royal.” Pete wrote:

This is a piece I wrote recently. It’s inspired by the setting of Robert McCammon’s first Matthew Corbett novel, SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD. I call it “Remembering Fount Royal.” It’s by no means a definitive recording, but I hope you dig it.


“Band of Brothers” by Without Focus

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Aug 182020

Dave Overland has released a song called “Band of Brothers” that’s about his friends and him. The lyrics are based around and use Robert McCammon’s poem from the beginning of Boy’s Life. You can listen to it on Spotify and YouTube. Check it out!

Back in 2009, Finnish jazz musician Timo Heikkinen recorded his interpretation, called “Boy’s Life.” You can listen to it and other reader-created songs on the Fan Audio page.


Songs by Rick Neidlinger inspired by The Border

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Jul 022015

Rick Neidlinger has composed and recorded two songs that were inspired by The Border. The songs, “Ethan” and “Gorgons Have Landed,” have been added to the Fan Audio page, where you can find other music inspired by Robert McCammon’s work.

I’ve also added two earlier songs by Rick: “Lizardman,” inspired by the McCammon short story of the same name, and “Weaving Of A Tale,” which is about story-writing in general.

You can listen to more of Rick’s music on his page on