Halloween makeups from Amanda Chapman!

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Oct 302021

Back in 2019, photographer and makeup artist Amanda Chapman photographed Robert McCammon for his author portrait for Cardinal Black. We also posted an interview with Amanda conducted by Robert McCammon as she applied the makeup. That interview can be found on YouTube.

This year, Amanda has created a whole series of Halloween-themed makeups and portraits, and Robert wanted you to see them. Here are three of his favorites. You can see a bunch more examples of her great work on Facebook in the folder Amanda Chapman’s Halloween 2021. Even more can be found on Instagram page, AmandaChapmanSFX!

Norma Bates from PSYCHO (1960) by Amanda Chapman

The Creature from the Black Lagoon (underwater simulation) by Amanda Chapman

The Creature from the Black Lagoon by Amanda Chapman


A Halloween treat from Robert McCammon: “Night Ride”

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Oct 232019

From Robert McCammon:

Hello! Here’s a Halloween present for the fans of Matthew Corbett. I hope you enjoy it, and happy Halloween to all!

“Night Ride” is a new Matthew Corbett Halloween story set just after the events of The Queen of Bedlam. It’s a standalone story, so you don’t need to have read the series to enjoy the story.

You can read “Night Ride” for free here, or you can download the story in the following formats:


And in case you missed it, there’s also “The Pale Pipesmoker,” released in March 2019.


Cardinal Black nominated for a Dragon Award

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Aug 082019

Robert McCammon’s novel Cardinal Black, book seven in the Matthew Corbett series, has been nominated for “Best Horror Novel” in the 2019 Dragon Awards!

Anyone can vote. You don’t have to attend the con to vote, but you do have to register:

Dragon Fan Awards signup page

Congratulations to all of the nominees! Click here or on the image below to see all of the nominations.


Catfish Book Festival video with Robert McCammon and AJ Coleman

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Mar 022019

Robert McCammon was a Featured Author at the 2019 Catfish Book Festival in Athens, AL.

The Athens-Limestone County Public Library broadcast a Facebook Live video for the writer panel, “Apocalypse and You,” featuring speakers Robert McCammon and AJ Coleman. The video below differs from the video on Facebook in that the audio levels have been boosted.

If you prefer to just listen to the panel:


New international rights acquired

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Aug 182018

A couple of international rights deals were recently made:

Boy’s Life has been previously published a few times in France.

This will be the first Bulgarian edition of Swan Song. Iztok-Zapad previously published Boy’s Life in 2013.

I would expect that it’ll be at least a year before either edition is published.



More news

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Aug 162018

Some news since yesterday:

– The limited edition of Cardinal Black is now sold out! There are a handful of lettered editions remaining. As of this moment, there are still copies available at Subterranean Press.

– There are fewer than 25 copies of the limited edition of Usher’s Passing still available!

– Audible will be producing an audiobook edition of Cardinal Black!

– Finally, Swan Song is included in this NPR list of “100 Favorite Horror Stories”!


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