Feb 132023


It’s been a while since the last update, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s going on!

Mr. McCammon recently completed Seven Shades of Evil, the next book in the Matthew Corbett series, which is a collection of short stories set in Matthew’s world. Some have been previously published, but four of the stories are brand-new, including one that’s over 100 manuscript-pages long. It’s too early to say anything about when it might be published, but I hope to have that information in the next couple of months.

Also from the I-can’t-talk-about-it-yet department, if all goes according to plan, there will be several McCammon re-releases this year. One of those is a new trade paperback edition of Swan Song from S&S Saga, which will be released on April 4, 2023. This edition includes a new afterword by Robert McCammon. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon US, Amazon UK, BookDepository, B&N, BAM!, and other retailers.

There are also several planned international editions this year, including Polish and French translations of Swan Song, a Czech translation of Boy’s Life this month, Polish translations of Usher’s Passing, The Queen of Bedlam, and The Listener, and a German translation of Freedom of the Mask in April!

I’ve heard no more about the Peacock series inspired by Stinger, but if/when I do, I’ll let you know! If you missed that news, Peacock placed a straight-to-series order for the project being produced by James Wan and written by Ian McCulloch. The series is “inspired” by Stinger, so I wouldn’t hold my breath about it being a faithful adaptation of the novel. But we’ll see….

From the Not-That-Robert-McCammon Department, there’s a new book out called Walter Johnson Had No Idea: A Life with Baseball that is written by another man named Robert McCammon. That book is not written by the author of Speaks the Nightbird, Boy’s Life, etc.

More information when I have it! Until then, I hope your 2023 is going well! Mine is, but I’m also trying to figure out how it’s already the middle of February….



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