Sources for the Matthew Corbett books


The information below is now largely out-of-date, but I’m leaving it because it’s not totally useless. The good news is that the Matthew Corbett books will be released in trade paperback formats by Lividian Publications in summer 2022! For more information, check out their announcement from February 1, 2002!

As of this posting, most of Robert McCammon’s Matthew Corbett novels are out of-print in physical formats.

The books are, of course, all available as ebooks from all retailers, as well as audiobooks from Audible.

The links below will take you to the current sellers of each book. The ABE links are to the used and new listings on

So why are the books sometimes so expensive?

Starting with Mister Slaughter, the Matthew Corbett books were published by Subterranean Press and Cemetery Dance, both largish small press publishers. Their business models don’t allow for keeping books in print indefinitely. In the case of several of the Matthew books, they did their initial print run, and that sold out within a year or so. When that run sold out, the book went out of print. When it went out of print, the remaining copies held by booksellers went up in price, because that’s what many booksellers do.

Subterranean has recently reprinted Mister Slaughter and The Providence Rider in small print runs. The only book currently not available at a reasonable price is The River of Souls, which is out of print.

Unfortunately, for reasons unfathomable to me, New York publishers have had no interest in publishing paperback editions, and mass market paperbacks are beyond the business models of Subterranean and Cemetery Dance.