Lights Out! The Robert McCammon Newsletter


Lights Out! was the Robert R. McCammon newsletter published by Hunter Goatley. There were a total of six issues published between July 1989 and October 1991. For a history of the newsletter, read the editorial page in each issue, as they fully cover what I was doing during the newsletter’s run (it involved moving and changing jobs twice). The final issue was published in October 1991 and was made available only to people who had subscribed to the newsletter—no copies of issue 6 were sold to book sellers.

You can download PDF versions of all six issues of Lights Out!. You can download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader from the Adobe Software web site, or use Xpdf under VMS or UNIX.

Some of the contents of the newsletters are available elsewhere on this web site, but there’s a considerable amount of material in the issues that is not present on this site.

Please note that, for the most part, where there were advertisements in the original issues, there are blank spaces and blank pages in the PDF versions. I didn’t bother trying to reproduce the ads, except for those originally typeset with TeX. Also, each issue featured a “recommended reading list,” with lots of great novels mentioned.

Issue 1: July 1989

Featured a McCammon interview, a biographical article, an overview of McCammon’s work, and news.

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Issue 2: October 1989

Featured a McCammon bibliography, a review of Blue World, the contest to complete the short story “The Night I Killed the King”, and the latest news.

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Issue 3: January 1990

Featured the short-story contest winners, an interview with Joe Lansdale conducted by McCammon, a reprint of a McCammon interview conducted by Lansdale, and news.

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Issue 4: June 1990

Featured an interview with McCammon and Lansdale about limited editions, McCammon’s treatment for Under the Fang, a convention transcript with McCammon and Jennifer Roberson, and news.

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Issue 5: February 1991

Featured interviews with Al Sarrantonio and Japanese translator Kazue Tanaka, both conducted by McCammon, an interview with Jeffrey Sackett, a report on NECON 1990 and the 1990 World Fantasy Convention, subscriber letters, and news.

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Issue 6: October 1991 (Now available for download!!)

Special subscriber-only issue that included a new McCammon interview and an excerpt from The Address, a novel McCammon abandoned in 1990.

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