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The following links point to other web pages that contain material about Robert R. McCammon.
The Robert McCammon Facebook page

The Robert McCammon Twitter page

Open Road Media
The Robert McCammon Author Page at Open Road Media, publishers of nine McCammon ebooks
The Robert McCammon Goodreads page

Simon & Schuster
The Simon & Schuster web site for Robert McCammon.

Robert McCammon @
The Robert McCammon Author page at

River City Publishing
The web site for the publisher of Speaks the Nightbird.

R_McCammon list at Yahoo! Groups
A discussion mailing list devoted to Robert R. McCammon.

Robert McCammon page at BhamWiki
BhamWiki is striving to document Birmingham, AL, and its residents, including Robert McCammon. The page includes a nicely-written biography.

New!!!   Robert McCammon page at This Goodly Land
This Good Land covers "Alabama's Literary Landscape." The site is still under construction and officially opens in 2007.

New!!!   Robert McCammon page at Library Thing

New!!!   Robert McCammon @

Robert McCammon discussion group at
A discussion site devoted to the works of Robert McCammon.

New!!!   Russian discussion forum
A Russian-language forum for discussions about Robert McCammon's work.

eBay search for "McCammon"
Look on eBay for the books you're missing.

McCammon novels at
Several of McCammon's novels are available electronically for the visually-impaired. There is a membership charge, and proof of visual impairment is required.

Hoover Public Library, Hoover, AL -- "The Early Years"
Features an early picture of McCammon signing books.

"A Shockingly Brief and Informal History of the Horror Writers Association," By Stanley Wiater
Read about how Robert R. McCammon founded the HWA, originally called H.O.W.L.

"Rob's Life--A Profile of Robert McCammon", by Matt Williams
A British Fantasy Society essay profiling McCammon.

The Alabamian
A short article about Robert McCammon.

The Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce site
Includes McCammon in its "Famous people from Birmingham" section.'s Robert McCammon trivia quizzes
The quizzes were created by McCammon fans.

Meeting an Inspiration, by Athena Workman
One fan's story of meeting McCammon at a Nashville signing in 2002.

Black Leather Required: The Official David J. Schow Web Site
Photo of the McCammons with author David J. Schow.
Bibliographical links Robert R. McCammon
The Internet Science Fiction Database includes a bibliography of U.S. and U.K. publications.

A new Russian web site devoted to McCammon!
This Russian-language site run by Ne-mo provides Russian translations of much of the content from this site.

A Russian web site devoted to McCammon!
Very interesting site—nifty cover images and Russian text!

Locus magazine
An awesome database of author bibliographies, magazine contents, etc. Search by title, author, artist, etc.

Fantastic Fiction (UK site) bibliography

MansionHouse Books page devoted to McCammon and his work

Ernesto Vegetti's Italian McCammon Bibliography

French bibliography page for McCammon

French bibliography page for McCammon (NooSFere)

Japanese bibliography page for McCammon's page dedicated to McCammon audio adaptations
Fear of Writing Gazette  2002 Book Reviews
A review of Mystery Walk, by Jennifer Turner.

The University of Tulsa's The Collegian
A review of The Wolf's Hour, by Mark Turner.

Suspense Unlimited  Ezine
A review of Stinger.

Classic Science Fiction Reviews
A fantastic review of Boy's Life on the site.

Entertainment Weekly review of Boy's Life
From the August 30, 1991, issue of Entertainment Weekly
(EW recently restricted their site to subscribers, so here's a local copy....)
Leave your own comments and reviews....

Sweet Despise (UK site)
A review of Blue World.

Sweet Despise Page 2
Sweet Despise Usher's Passing review

A review of Swan Song
Fantastic Literature Ltd.
A UK bookstore specializing in out-of-print and rare books.
Other links
Dangerous Dwarf -- The George C. Chesbro web site
George C. Chesbro is the author of the wonderful Mongo mystery series and other novels. Check out this web site also run by Hunter Goatley—and do yourself a favor and order a Mongo book!

Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter is writing some of the best thriller novels published today. If you haven't read Point of Impact, Pale Horse Coming, or other Hunter books, you're missing out on some terrific excitement and great characters. Hunter Goatley runs a Stephen Hunter site, too....

Gregg Hurwitz
Gregg Hurwitz is my latest thriller discovery. My first Hurwitz novel was The Kill Clause, which happens to be the first in the Tim Rackley series. I've read them all now, and wasn't disappointed by any of them.

Karin Slaughter
Karin Slaughter's Grant County books are mystery/thrillers.

T. Jefferson Parker
More great thrillers. Parker's books appear to all be standalone novels, instead of a series with recurring characters.

John Connolly
Author of the Charlier "Bird" Parker mystery/thrillers. These books have some supernatural overtones.
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