Artwork by Rob Malone

Artist Rob Malone created these images inspired by MINE. Click on the images for larger versions.

In May 2019, Rob posted some thumbnail sketches he'd done to Instagram:

Thumbnails, thumbnails, thumbnails. Looking for the image. Narrowing it down. Working on a piece based on Robert McCammon's novel of hippy horror: Mine. Acid damage. Guns. Radicalism, and a stolen Baby! #mine #robertmccammon#aciddamage #hippiegonewrong#horrornovel #paperbacksfromhell#maryterror #wip

I asked him to send me the final pieces, and these were the results. You can see more of Rob's work on his Instagram account.

High-res version

High-res version

High-res version
Added 4-FEB-2020
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